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Also, anyone who so much as visits the site is likely to discover that Patient 11 survived the Hart Study , a major plot twist for the second series.

A lot of the advertising, merchandise, and fan artwork surrounding Sluggy Freelance involves Oasis. Jessika was in love with Asuka, Unit crashes and Jessika dies, Asuka falls in a coma but it only lasts several months, Asuka's suicide attempt fails, Shinji and Asuka got engaged and Mari Makinami is the Sixth Child.

Basically, people tend to assume that anything that happened before the current version is now or should be general knowledge.

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If the spoiler in question is common knowledge to people in general, then it was his sled. Very often they depict not only characters but actual events from the strip's run.

On the Diamond edition of Lady and the Tramp both on the DVD and Blu-ray discs , it's best to start the movie immediately if you don't want to know that Lady and Tramp have kids , Tramp gets taken in by the Darlings for his effort in protecting the baby and that Trusty survives after getting hit by the dogcatcher's wagon , as the main menu shows a clip of the final scene in the movie, which spoils all three. Get Known if you don't have an account. PPV results are generally spoiled by the first free show airing after the event.

You maniacs! As a Continuation of the original Death Note , the first chapter spoils what happens at the end of the original story. Lindesfarne and Danielle are both from the human world. In a non-media related example concerning the FIFA World Cup, the Costa Rica team was performing way beyond their pay grade and everything seemed to be going fine; cue their elimination and trip back home, where they were received as heroes.

The trailers for Incredibles 2 show that Jack-Jack has superpowers , something that was supposed to be an unexpected surprise in the first film released 14 years earlier. And unlike most examples of this, the author makes no attempt to hide it from first-time viewers; blogs and comments of his casually mention her death as if it's something to be proud of.

Said arc treats the facts that Aradia is a ghost and that the trolls created the universe as surprises.

When They Cry — from the characters' dark pasts to the not-so-secret actual plot to the ending of the main series. I also sell or trade whatever else I happen to scrounge up.

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We almost acted as small governing states and engaged in diplomacy, trade pacts and military agreements. The Green Goblin's identity was a secret for over two years in real time. There's even an entire scene devoted to the Disney Princesses thinking that Vanellope is a princess, which was shown in many of the trailers.

And then there's the Cult of the Mothman. Ed Kennedy.

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Even a cursory glance over character popularity spoils you. Watch the adorably bedheaded cast of Newsies watch as the Tony nominations are announced.

El Goonish Shive: In general, the Cast and About pages of webcomics' sites, if they exist.