That's it. Collect 15 different special moves. Copy To Clipboard Copied! Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. I have confirmed all of these methods and that these are all of the unlockable stages. Clear the "Kirby's Crazy Appetite" event on Hard. This is fine, except for the fact that, since this is a Switch title, this means portability should be a selling point.

Yoshi — Jurassic Journey. This will be easier if you use a large Mii, since strength is affected by Mii size. This one is terrible. Do as much damage as you can and eventually launch it with a charged side smash attack. Bowser Jr. Credits High Score.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Video game high scores and fast times –

Fox — Spaceborne Smash. Check the Solo Events section if you're having trouble with any of them. Falco — Soar above the Darkness. Like the outfits and moves, most will appear randomly as custom items, but some are tied to challenges. You can do this on any difficulty. Dream Masterpiece: Despite being able to snag this goof of a new fighter by purchasing and registering the game before February of , many will likely miss out on this.

Ignore your rival, for the most part, but you might want to go for the Smart Bombs that appear before he gets to them, because he seems to like them. Ads keep SmashWiki independent and free: Stage 1 is a bit more complicated but also a bit easier to pull off on your own.

This isn't tough. Pokemon Meloetta 71 Clear Classic on intensity 9. It's one thing when Nintendo is offering new playable content to purchase - new stages, game modes, etc. King K. Clear Man Smash. They all fight together, so if you try to pull one aside, the others will punish you for it.

Speed can come in handy, too. Due to the relentless difficulty, players often have to resort to exploiting the AI; for example, in Cruel Melee, scores in the thousands can be obtained by exploiting an AI standstill bug, performed by standing absolutely still on the rightmost edge of the small right platform.

Clear Classic at intensity 5. If you're playing on 7. The following table lets you know how to get each and every trophy in the game.

Clear True All-Star in 6 minutes as Shulk. Subscribe for the hottest movie, TV, and gaming news!