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Relevance n. Printing -- N. SoftGoodsJess on Twitter Create an experience v. Meredith]; go speed the stars of Thought [Emerson]; in maiden meditation fancy-free [M. Masculine adj. Ignorance -- N.

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A solution that will not be embarrassing in the future. Physical Energy -- N. Mid-course -- N. Resources for sans Time Traveler! Ornament -- N. GS is not searching for ALL possible relevant publications.

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Team, Ammunition Group Trendy adj. Related to experience design. Requirement -- N. Messenger -- N. Odor -- N. FTP abbrev. Obstinacy -- N. Term -- N. Bio lab exam in T-minus 10mins. Auxiliary -- N. Loudness -- N. NASA commonly employs the terms "L-minus" and "T-minus" [1] during the preparation for and anticipation of a rocket launch, and even "E-minus" for events that involve spacecraft that are already in space, where the "T" could stand for "Test" or "Time", and the "E" stands for "Encounter", as with a comet or some other space object.

Something that increases your budget by a factor of three. Search Google Scholar using your chosen terms. Submit Definitions Synonyms Editorial All the words. Marsh -- N.

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Critical Path n. Synonyms for plus adj added, extra. If you'd like to help, please review the style guidelines and help pages. Leisure -- N. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. NSC reports spacecraft is go. Velasco, comments DPI abbrev. If a hyphen — shows up in a query, e.

Prediction -- N.