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That word tech empire led you to technology? Readers Also Enjoyed. Students, what brought Charlie McButton's tech empire tumbling down? The illustrations are wonderful and the author relates a good message to readers. In an adorable child like way. Adult Education. He goes a little crazy and ends up in the time-out chair when he tries to swipe some batteries from his little sister's doll for one of his outdated handheld games.

Video Copyright: Writing Task: Open Preview See a Problem? An ok read, but Tek teaches this lesson much better. The day the power went off he was at a loss as to how to spend his time. Students and teacher re-read the text while stopping to respond to and discuss the questions and returning to the text.

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Product Details. So you use that text to answer that question. And you'll some of those strategies that I'm using that are different than that just reading it once, getting a big kick out of it and then putting it aside.

So she was able to bring that evidence in, not just from this beginning section, but from that part, too.

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Showing He liked-- he liked doing that, didn't he? Write a customer review. In the end, [spoiler alert] he finds that fun can be had through his imagination and playing with his little sister. Give Us Clean Hands. If You Give a Mouse an iPhone: Study Guides , Test Prep , Handouts. See All Resource Types. Mike Lester Illustrator. Return to Book Page. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime.