How to Distress Furniture

Hello Nicola, It is a clever way to create the effect that you want, applying the wax to prevent the paints from adhering to the surface and then wiping away.

Thanks for your help!! Step 4. Clean Furniture, Remove Doors and Hardware Clean the surface of the furniture with a rag to remove residue on the surface Image 2.

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Or if you are just looking to find something that will go ontop of anything with little or no preparation. Place a piece of newspaper over the work surface and set the furniture atop it, or position the paper around the furniture if the project piece is too heavy to move easily.

Gently sand the entire piece if you like a warm, ambient look to the crackle rather than harsh cracked lines.

Allow the crackle medium to sit for the amount of time recommended on the package, just until tacky, but not dry. Re-sand the Furniture Step 5: The higher the number, the finer the sandpaper.

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Where near us can I buy Annie Sloan products? Vintage Rehab 10am 9c. Usually, this means you may have applied too much wax. The foot is damaged so needs repairng and painting and I would like to finish the top and shelf in white wax to keep the rustic wood grain. I am apparently super late to the thrill of using chalk paint on furniture! There are alternate way to do this that include using two different paint colours, or for one colour with a natural wood exposed simply paint the furniture and once dry sand the areas you would like exposed.

Thank you so much for your tips!

How to Paint Laminate Furniture: 13 Steps (with Pictures)

I have used rustoleum duck egg, which I added some pigment to, to make it more baby blue as my under colour and rustoleum chalk white as the outer layer. You are my Annie Sloan role model!

Everything You Need to Know Browse a full list of topics found on the site, from accessories to mudrooms to wreaths. As an alternative I would recommend having a look at Earthborn Clay Paint , which is a product we have brought in since the writing of this blog.

To distress the finish and make the painted surface look more naturally weathered , take the sander back to the surface of the furniture when the paint has dried. Apply Polyurethane A finishing coat of polyurethane will seal the dried stain making your new distressed furniture durable for the long haul. Customer Service Newsroom Contacts. Stone House Revival 2pm 1c. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

If the hardware, such as drawer handles, comes off easily, remove them using a Phillips-head screwdriver. Looking forward to my first Annie Sloan projects… those two furniture pieces in our tent house!

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