How to Pick the Best Ripped Jeans for Your Height

If you're on the shorter side, a cool rip in the knee might hit you somewhere on your calf. Cut the bottoms off your jeans with scissors. Culotte flares. Fabric Coasters and something yummy to put on them! The cropped kick-flare. As long as your foot is level, it can go over many thicknesses with no problem. Why not do the same for your jeans?

Start by trying on the jeans to figure out where you want to hem them. But trust me, it's pretty intuitive. Using your fingers, fray the edges of your jeans lightly. If you're tall, that knee rip might end up on your thigh. Pat on Nov 08, Thank you for subscribing. I hope someone will tell us how to make it look like the original hem. You can use a ruler to measure the length of your fringe.

I Do This to Make All My Jeans Look Cooler

This is called checking for a leg difference. Loved on: Add to Flipboard Magazine. See ya next season, pants. Pin Up Fashion is entering a deconstructivist mood, turning essential items like button-down shirts into sweeping gowns and bustier tops.

Ana wrote:. Ripped jeans, not of the DIY variety, will almost always look awkward if you're too short or too tall for the "regular" styles. Personally, if I were sewing these jeans, I would take 5 minutes and quickly hand-baste the proposed line of machine sewing in a contrasting color thread. Have fun with your denim.

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So it was very difficult to feed them through my machine and keep my stitch in a straight line. Now you need to mark extra fabric that you'll roll up to make the hem. Just choose the color usually gold that matches the topstitching already on the jeans. When you finish with the fronts, turn the pants over and pin them along the back. Amazing how he does it.

Before I get into the how-to, I wan to point out how cool personalized denim is. Follow Us. If You're Short: Hair Makeup Nails Skin. Now, cut away. Love this!