Through roundtable discussion, participants will leave with a better understanding of the NGSS engineering-specific practices, examples of engineering specific practices from submitted edTPA portfolio commentaries, ideas for changes in preservice curriculum, lesson plan framework, and field experience expectations, and opportunities for topics professional development for practicing P teachers. This qualitative case study was situated within the structure teacher education programs use to tie theory to practice, the methods course.

Secure Reporting System User Guide. Using the modern expectancy-value model, three successful teachers, or teacher who mentored several International Science and Engineering Fair finalists, were interviewed.

Butler, University of Central Florida. Student Spotlight. AFR User Guide. The transcribed meetings were read over three times. Researchers will discuss the need for alternative measures for student success in STEM education. Our analysis of teacher survey results showed us that respondents characterized their roles in both mentoring modes, and those of less actively involved cooperating teachers.

About Careers Contact Events News. Traditional medical curricula can fail to teach effective leaning skills and study strategies to incoming medical students Miller, that can leave students woefully unprepared entering clinical rotations.

This study examined the impact of using a constructivist approach to teaching computer science concepts rather that traditional positivist approaches seen in traditional STEM and computer science courses.

In-service teachers are hesitant to mentor pre-service teachers since they lack self-efficacy in terms of teaching science.

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We explored NOS views and instruction of four secondary science teacher scholars from the Philippines. Romance, science fiction, horror, drama; good stories can draw us in to content we might not otherwise find interesting, and can highlight characters who use scientific skills and attitudes to tackle the ups and downs a good narrative throws at them.

William F. Gayle N.. Bohach, Luther College Co-Authors: Science methods courses for elementary teachers present a unique combination of challenges. This investigation addresses a gap in nature of science NOS literature on teacher leaders and in the context of the Philippines. During the development of STEM curricula, a consistent struggle for many teachers is understanding the nature of technology and how to integrate it Wang et al. Physics, engineering, and similar STEM fields display a troubling disparity between the number of males and females pursuing degrees and careers.

Coaches reported feelings of inspiration and increased confidence in STEM content from their involvement. These goals are especially apparent in medical education where the ability to effectively arrive at evidence-based conclusions directly impacts patient healthcare.

First, the partner experiences made students feel smarter and more confident about their content knowledge.

Mentor Teachers. As such, science teachers are expected to address engineering design in their classrooms. Fulmer, University of Iowa Co-Authors: In the last presentation, we will provide examples from our previous and ongoing projects that can demonstrate the breadth of applications of the Rasch model in science education. Participants completed a questionnaire that included four sections: Professional development of early childhood teachers and administrators is essential for enacting the high-quality early childhood science education that has recently been emphasized in both local and national calls to action.

The results of the study also have implications for ongoing professional development for both active and pre-service science teachers on how best to engage immigrant Muslim students with respect to science, religion and culture.


Teachers were provided guidance on how to work collaboratively, and given multiple, recurring opportunities to engage with others through open lines of communication that allowed for the free flow of ideas, strategies, and concerns among all staff.

It is crucial to incorporate the STS framework in science teacher preparation and professional development programs so that teachers have the proper professional experience in this area and are able to examine their beliefs and confront any possible inconsistencies. Furthermore, SSI addresses the assumption made in EE that students need to think and act in a moral and ethical manner. The greatest gap in student achievement contributed to teacher licensure is proficiency on the algebra and biology exam, with Observation of the students successfully engaging in activities while at Tremont increased validation and confidence among several educators that the Tremont practices were indeed transferrable to the traditional school setting, renewing plans on classroom implementation.

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