My angel fish laid eggs what do i do

Angelfish Breeding: This site contains information for breeding and spawning angelfish fry.

Angelfish seem to learn parenting by trial and error. Angelfish are freshwater members of the cichlid family , and they originate from South America.

While it is possible that the parents ate the eggs, or let other fish eat the eggs, take a close look around the tank.

The angelfish are very meticulous in assuring a clean spawning site. The fry will take brineshrimp nauplii as a first food and will need it for up to three weeks. Log in. The angels would love to glide through the tall, background plants into a clear space at the front.

My Angelfish have laid eggs!?

The other species, such as Pterophyllum altum and P. I guess that will be OK for now and I'm not even adding any ferts right now because I don't want to upset the balance of what is going on in the tank at this point. When I turned on the lights this morning there were even more eggs there than last night, looks like maybe !!!: Mike If they are bad parents they are bad parents.

Main Prey: The parents will benefit from a varied diet when in breeding form. Tank Calculator. Media New media New comments Search media.

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More help's at hand. The male follows similarly and deposits the sperm, fertilizing the eggs. Happy ending Don't know if somebody is interested any more, but I will share what I did and the result: However, mutations in the standard coloring have occurred, and breeders have capitalized on them to create many interesting and beautiful varieties.

If the eggs are on the filter intake you aren't going to be able to move them till they hatch. What temperature is the tank at? New posts. Log in Register. Register your Company. The average number of eggs laid at once.