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Despite this, he was still ignorant on whether or not his actions benefit or hurt her, no matter how good his intentions are.

AO continues from the events that happened in episode Holland and Jurgens quickly ready their crews for battle. She later said that she always knew Renton would return to them one day and he has been searching for them.

Renton's relationship with the kids that call Eureka "Mama" worsens as he becomes the victim of multiple pranks. Before leaving, Renton requested that he have three minutes to talk with his grandfather. By seasons 3 and 4, his maturity is noticed by several crew members, especially Eureka and Holland.

Two years later, although told no one will likely remember him, Naru is seen wearing the bracelet Ao gave her and is happily watching him return home, implying a possible relationship. When she goes looking for him, she is saved by him from the Beams and they finally confess their feelings to each other.

Other characters can quickly tell of the closeness between Ao and Naru, and often refer to the two as a couple. While he knows his grandfather will approve of the relationship, Renton knows that some people will still reject Eureka for not being human, but he still wants to return to Bellforest with her and the kids as a family. Renton was very close with Diane and considered her as a surrogate mother figure.

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This, along with other problems unrelated to Renton, eventually leads to Eureka to conclude that everyone hates her and she removes the Amita Drive from the Compac Drive, which causes her to nearly being absorbed by the Scub Coral. When he does find out, she ran away but he chased after her and comforted her. Due to Ao's mother, Eureka, arriving on the Iwato Jima island by falling from the sky and having strange hair, Ao was hated by the villagers, who called him a monster and alien.

The first episode aired in Japan on April 17, , and the final episode on April 2, After hearing the truth from Eureka's past-self and his guardian, telling him that Renton was fighting for them, his hatred towards him lightened, but he still wanted to punch him when they first met.

If their feelings are in disconnect, the Amita drive cannot activate. On the way back, he encounters William Baxter, who told Renton a tale about how he met his wife, Martha, who suffers from the Despair Sickness.

Renton & Eureka kiss

Renton tries to deal with the shock of Charles' death. Lists of anime episodes Eureka Seven. Archived from the original PDF on July 5, Eureka is brought to the medical bay in the wake of nearly merging with the Scub Coral. But the expression on Renton's face implies that he was doubtful of Holland being truthful and was reluctant to accept it all. He was indifferent to Renton's abandonment but once Eureka started missing him and he was confronted that the Nirvash needed Renton and Eureka to maximize its full power, he began to acknowledge that Renton is important, but didn't fully accept the partnership between Renton and Eureka until he heard the two confess their feelings.

Meanwhile, Holland takes Renton aside to tell the boy yet another story from his past; the story of his relationship with his first love, Renton's sister, Diane Thurston.

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His first attempt to kiss Eureka fails when she doesn't respond to him as he repaired Nirvash and he is interrupted by the crew, which causes him to hit his head. Eventually, he agreed after being persuaded by her, the kids, and Nirvash. Charles and Ray were glad to see that Renton had such a kind heart and began to love him.

Renton seemed unsure of this, but didn't outright refuse them and asked that they take the steps in being a family slowly. Holland and Charles fought in the hangar bay until Charles died of excessive bleeding from multiple gunshot wounds.

As she got to know him, Eureka saw Renton's good nature and became drawn to him.