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But, there are only two options: The manual PDF shows the rifle that I have. Modern Shooter Heads to Gunsite Academy. I ordered these last night. It is an Extreme Disc.

My Knight MK 50 cal. Password recovery.

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That original stock has been replaced with a thumbhole version. These had the stock that says Knight on in. Have Questions? Underclocked , Dec 24, With the bolt out, soak that in something that will allow you to move all the working parts.

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Oct 30, I managed to keep the laminated thumbhole stock looking great by simply not using it all that much. Gun Digest Editors 0. I first talked with Tony Knight on the telephone in December But to find the best load for your muzzleloader often takes more than a day. I have three and am picking up a fourth on Friday. Hi, I recently acquired a Knight inline muzzle loader.

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This step shows me that the gun is functioning properly and puts some non-corrosive primer fouling residue in the gun. I own a Knight Disc.

You can contact the NRA via phone at: Blogs Home Page All Blogs. The presentation was made following my first of three seminars at the Grand Rapids, Michigan stop.

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I don't see any reason to switch. Never use smokeless powder. These substitutes create higher velocities and are easier to clean than blackpowder, but they have a higher ignition temperature. Send a private message to Grouse