Journey details When choosing a flexible search you can add your travel preferences as part of the booking process. According to international regulations, the following passengers will not be allowed to sit in one of these seats:.

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Managed by: For maximum comfort, the seats are reclinable with headrest. With reservations, each passenger is guaranteed a seat. Perhaps they need to install timers on the back of the seats, maybe even coin operated.

An Information Point manned by ticket inspectors throughout the night. Sorry, this contact form is inactive.

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The Sacramento-San Jose, California train is indeed popular with commuters only a few trains per day go to Auburn. In short, a seating reservation means you receive a seat which is assigned to you personally. Something went wrong. Look for the coach letter on the outside of the train.

Some Train Companies offer seat reservations on their trains to help make your journey more relaxed and comfortable. Various seating options are offered on the Paris-Bordeaux route: Choose where you want to sit When you're making your booking we'll give you the option to choose where you'd like to sit.

Reservations can normally be made well in advance, and remain available until two hours before the train starts its journey, or, for early morning trains, up to the previous evening.

Share Pin Email. Your email address will not be published. Home Onboard, seating and at the station Due to technical issues our help pages are not currently working. Amtrak provides five different levels of fares for its trains, and each has different rules, restrictions, and refund policies.

Just arrive at the platform early, 20 minutes before departure, so you can get onto the train in time and find a seat.

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What kind of seat has been reserved for me? One of the conductors then got up and to check things out, mentioning to the other conductor that some of the cars had recently been upgraded to LEDs.

Post as a guest Name. Etiquette is an absolute necessity when traveling in coach. Sherry Laskin Author. From seating plans to WiFi and catering, plan ahead and make the most of your journey. Plug sockets are no longer an optional extra!