How to Repair a Warped LP Record

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No simple answer then, but a few things to try. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. The Vinyl Flat includes three different types of Groovy Rings to handle any record size or type of warp.

I'll let you know when I next get in the mood for a bit of Brubeck and get it out from under the weight in a few months In the meantime, working my way through some Herbie Mann CDs which are new to me and really good listening. Is there a fix for warped records?

Just the time that goes into it made it not worth it for me. It makes sense that you can fix warped records by putting a whole lot of heavy things on top of it. Forums Quick Links. We can also offer you the benefit of our 45 years of experience of handling vinyl records properly and carefully so that they remain in pristine condition for your continued and ongoing enjoyment.

Bradx over 2 years ago This post is hidden because you reported it for abuse. A digital thermometer is included with the pouch to verify that the pouch temperature is correct for record flattening.

Guide to Flattening Warped Vinyl Records

Always hold a record by its outer edges only. Also ensure to let the glass cool on a flat surface outside the oven before removing the LP. Please enable Javascript to take full advantage of our site features. One way is by stacking them. Click here to buy.

No, create an account now. The process will, of necessity, have involved multiple cycles. Within a couple days they were all flattened enough that they now play pretty well, and I'm continuing to flatten them to see if it continues to improve. Remember, you might make your vinyl flat, but you could also be damaging the grooves and adding distortion, so consider that before you commit to any one of these methods. Using this fluid damped lever instead of your hand results in a smooth twitch-free needle drop, and lift from the record.

You must log in or sign up to reply here. I also found that there was sometimes audible groove distortion when the plastic was flattened, but it was generally barely or not noticeable. Many audiophiles, music lovers and collectors alike agree that the best way to listen to music is via the medium of vinyl records.

Remove a record from the turntable platter as soon as you are finished listening to it to prevent it from attracting dust and dirt. In the worst cases, it can cause pitch problems and degrade the listening experience. I have never ruined a record, and it can fix almost anything that does not involve heat damage. This guide to flattening warped vinyl records will hopefully get you on track or, at the very least, prevent you from irreparably damaging your records.

We also offer a Vinyl Flattening Service for records that are warped or misshaped. A real vinyl record collector would never commit any of these TEN sins to their records.

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Read More Gear Gear Reviews. This makes the record sound even worse as the crud has dried embedding the dirt throughout the record. The folks at Vinyl Flat have come up with an alternative, cheap solution to fix warped records. Show this post I've done the oven thing.