Jig Shoes: New Irish dance parents start here!

This will help us find the best size ghillies for you. Okay, thanks. If you have problems with the heels of your shoes fitting too loosely so that your heel rubs up and down, wear band-aids on your feet and put moleskin a dancer's best friend--sold at most grocery and pharmacy stores, Dr. They are soft shoes, similar to ballet shoes.

It's important that the shoes be put on the same foot each time so that they stretch into a right and left. How to tie Irish dancing soft shoes. Condition is Pre-owned.

Are you making these mistakes with your soft shoes?

Reel Shoes: Monday to Friday 9am — 5pm Saturdays 10am — 3pm please allow 30 mins if you require fitting. Simply send it back to us with a copy of the delivery note or invoice with a note on what size you would like to exchange it for and we will send out another size. With an unrelenting focus on foot health, Craig Coussins and the Gavigan brothers have developed a range of dance shoes and ghillies which combine performance, safety and style. Irish Dance Music.

However some champion dancers will change more frequently than this and we find many top champion dancers tend to like buying new soft shoes at major competitions and wear them to compete in at the same event as they feel more supportive in new soft shoes.

A pair of shoes does not make the dance better. There is also a good second hand market in this jig shoe due to their popularity amongst beginners and because they wear so well.

Traditional Embroidery.

We highly recommend buying them at a store or competition where you can try them on first and we would be happy to help advise you on what you should look for when buying your first pair of shoes. This can be a headband, a tiara, or even flowers; it all depends on the dancer.

Always pull the heel up tightly when your laces are thru the back loop and then pull the sides up when the side eyelets are laced. Whether at competitions or performances, the way Irish dancers dress makes them stand out. Ghillies are specially designed shoes used for several types of dance. The RutherfordLight Sole Flexi Irish dance jig shoe provides an excellent balance between flexibility and support. Male dancers do not have to purchase poodle socks, wigs, dresses, or headpieces, instead they wear a vest.

If you tighten the shoes by pulling the laces at the back before tightening the front, you will not have as good a fit, and in addition you will soon have one lace much longer than the other since most people pull harder with their dominant hand.

The socks are said to get its name from an Irish tale.

The sole on these newer styled shoes are made of a suede kid leather which makes them incredibly soft and flexible. Traditional Irish dance pump. Jig shoes are in constant evolution.

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Remember me. Irish sizing is different than American. I have seen many variations of the socks at competitions, some with crystals always have to have more bling , some tie-dyed, but whatever the style they make the eye look at the feet.

Since each person's foot is different, however, we will be able to fit your ghillies best if you send us a tracing of each of the dancer's feet along with their American shoe size or European size, if you are visiting us from outside America.