Everyone worships existentialism as long as it has shiny packaging, with pretty people saying poetic things while a single tear runs down their cheek. Being grunge is about being an individual, not being sad all the time. Grunge is about doing what is true to your interests, and not worrying about what other people think of it. It was common to wear minimal make up.. And be careful that you don't post someone else's work and present or claim it as your own.

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Soft Grunge Style on Instagram • Photos and Videos

Everyone needs to allow themselves a certain flexibility of emotion to properly function in daily life. This includes metallic and pastel combat boots — pretty tough styles that contribute to the beauty of soft grunge. Those in the grunge lifestyle avoid spending too much time on grooming and favor looks that break the molds of society. If you love that pair of bright shorts, mix it with a wool blazer-style jacket and boots for a grunge look.

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