Revamp your furniture with paint

The key to success is to start with a … very dry brush! Hey There. Simply beautiful!

Guide to Wine Country Green State: Please help! Deep breath.

How To Distress Wood With Paint + Coconut Oil

I seem to have been making things more comp for icated than necessary and erred by letting mine dry completely. Apply one coat of white paint to the surface of the cabinets. Using the glitter glue sticks GS2 in the Glue Gun , decorate the wooden shapes with dots of varying sizes. I wanted to add some container planters to my small yard.

Hey what wood did you use and can you suggest where to look for some? Step 4 Finished Project. Grab a raw wood project - picture frame, end table, dresser, etc.

I am thinking that I probably should have used the bonding agent. Get our weekly newsletter! Give the cabinets a thorough look over to find any areas needing more "distress. With polyacrylic you can put on a couple of coats and then there will be no maintenance on down the road. Thanks so very much for sharing.

How to Antique and Age Wood Instantly for a Weathered Look

Other Other Newsletter Dremel History back. Dremel tool does carving too! Not only will you be able to transform a piece of furniture into exactly what you want, but your purchase will help build homes for families in need.

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DIY Unicorn Spit Project: Distressing Wood On An Old Mirror Happy Deal - Happy Day!

So I scarily peeled it all off to the bare wood underneath. Distressed wood look beautiful in so many styles of homes from farmhouse, shabby chic, and country, to industrial and modern. I am getting ready to use your products again on a new project raw wood cabinets for my sewing room and I am so glad to have everything explained more clearly this time.