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Also, photos of the exterior of the slab would be helpful too. What is the interview process like? Before you call anyone, or try to fix anything, check this differential temperature. Things should be built right. Any reliable 3rd party warranty company would never insure a foundation without the satisfactory Pre Pour, and Tensioning reports.

Welcome to Builders Post-Tension! The pour takes a lot longer because they have to orchestrate the movement of the trucks in and out.

Ability to quickly defuse tension among project team with sensitivity and discretion should it arise. If the stressing end pockets are not filled with a high-strength, non-shrink grout , it will continue to rust. HPT believes in the "customer comes first" policy and carries it out on all orders. In many cases, the cracks will span the full length of the foundation.

Over 10 million stories shared. Did you receive a package of information explaining the parameters of the warranty from Home of Texas.

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City, state, or zip code. I do have an expansion joint in the brick which is a few feet away from that location in the photo. I had the level down so you could see where the concrete dipped down below it which is where two cracks intersect.

Or very minor. Posted July 16, Your house is probably no different than your neighbors, or many others in Houston. That is a crack. I told him he seemed to be an employee or advocate for the builder than a representative of an independent engineering company. Driver Acceleration Academies 5 reviews. The thing that gets me, I pulled up 3 areas by chance, all areas have a long crack which I found in all cases tie wire and the rebar right below it that follows the crack.

How do you feel about going to work each day? Most builders will have these inspections done. And as they say, "if you ever want anything done right, you have to do it yourself.

Save your resume. But, they may have 10 inspectors. This in turn will ultimately result in lower quality construction.

Post-tensioned Foundation Information For Homeowners (Updated 2018)

I also found what looked to be 2 nail ends at the surface in my garage. Solid Foundations has also developed a strong presence in the commercial industry. Father and son? Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. As I am learning in the photo, and this youtube video:.

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Is there a way to remedy this? This has the practical effect of reducing the cracking on the slab at the corners but it by no means eliminates the corner cracking.

Usually, they will write up in their report that you consult a structural engineer.