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Ruffalo stars as the scientist with some serious anger problems, Bruce Banner. A British director depicting drunks telling tall tales, leprechauns prancing in the mountains and lashings of celtic mysticism and blarney sounds unholy on paper, yet somehow this neglected family film is one of the best live action films Disney ever made.

But the real trump card is in the villain of the piece. The Filmmakers Stanley Nelson has been acknowledged as one of the preeminent documentary filmmakers of our time.

She had been ostracised by the village because of a skin complaint the villagers believe was caused by radiation at her father's place of work. Lady Felicia returns to Kembleford to sell their valuables after her husband, Monty, lose a fortune in a diamond mine. Daisy in The Carrier. As well as acting, Gurira is a celebrated playwright and penned the Tony-award winning Broadway play Eclipsed.

Philip Knight - Man 1 Philip gained a degree in musical theatre from the University of Manchester and has been performing professionally for 17 years.

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Jonathan arrived quite late to the acting world, having originally studied Law at Newcastle University and embarking on a career in Finance in Glasgow and Edinburgh. Infinity War Your complete guide to the huge Infinity War cast, including actor and character details and which movies they've appeared in before. Father Brown is visiting his old Rector Dudley Sutton at Upcott Seminary for trainee priests when a student commits suicide, Brown attempts to find the truth behind his death and a student a year earlier, both members of a secret fraternity that has closed ranks.

Home News Film Meet the cast of Avengers: A man stripped and pushed from a train on a viaduct is found by Lady Felicia, injured and stuck up a tree. Archived from the original on 1 January In his most recent solo film, his trademark hammer Mjolnir was destroyed.

Retrieved 3 August Please review our comment guidelines. What else has Robert Downey Jr been in? This is imperative, given the fragility of motion picture film.

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Father Brown, Mrs McCarthy, and Bunty audition for the local amateur pantomime, Cinderella, but do not get the roles expected. Father Brown investigates the family; father, daughter, and granddaughter and uncovers a dark family secret, when a daughter can also be a sister. Liz Carney - Jean Training: But the most memorable element of the film is a cyclone that tears down an entire town around Keaton, who remains a stoic presence in the face of hurricane-force winds.

The suicide and a note left by another lover of Fitzgerald complicates the issue as he had been sacked by her husband when he caught them kissing. All rights reserved. Inspector Sullivan's investigations find him on the run for killing a fellow detective and seeking sanctuary in the confessional at St Mary's. Andrew trained at The Poor School, London, and graduated in