The Frightener

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Gregory's Litany - in the crypt under the chapel in the swamp cemetery. Now every time you kill three or four tentacles, it will pop up again. Eventually you are pointed to a gambler at the Hairy Bear inn. Activate the relief carving on the side of the bank wall and place the first sensor. Talk to Vaska next. Now serve it to the princess.

You can either buy them from the herbalist outside the inn 9 orens each or you can put some skill points into the intelligence tree, notably the level 2 herbalism skill, so you can gather them yourself.

You'll find yourself near a wall of flames.

You'll soon get used to the timing. Kill the lot of them and then escort her to her grandmother's house. Retrieved from " https: De Wett claims Thaler has been dismissed from his post and Thaler says otherwise.

The formula didn't show up in my journal for some reason though. Now you make your choice. The first frightener was created by the mage Dagobert Sulla. Go outside and talk to Velerad to receive a nice new steel sword. She directs you to the Hierophant in the druid grove which doesn't even update any quests. In the next area you'll fight a few salamanders and then go up to Javed.


The base camp will be a tough battle if you don't handle it properly. In quest The dwarf he refers to is Vivaldi, who lives next door. Afterwards, make your way to the Upper Courtyard, killing more bandits. It's your duty to make sure the Order knights aren't killing civilians. You need to collect five leaves of fool's parsley and tell Carmen to weave them into a shirt.

You'll have to fight your way back out of the lair. After completing This quest is a fun mini game that you'll play quite a bit before the game is done. Deliver it and give Vivaldi a half hour or so to prepare his response.

Agree to help her find her turquoise necklace to receive this quest. Now you need to go back to the swamp and collect that fool's parsley. Luckily Triss teleports you out of harm's way. Collect all five and go to either the blacksmith or the elven craftsman to reassemble the mirror.

Go down the other corridor to find Sigfried.

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Just run around the sarcophagus until all five of the candles go out. Then the history of the blade will finally be complete! Hold the alt key to find remains on the ground. You should probably take care of another quest or two and then return to him. Return to the reverend's house to report what happened.