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If you want to learn more about formatting fonts in Word, This article will show you different font and character options that you can use in any Word document.

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For each index level, choose a paragraph style to be applied to each level of index entries. In this way, you can list a name with the first name first, but have it appear in the index sorted by last name. Delete index markers. To change only the index entry selected, select the page number in the Index panel and Page Reference Options from the Index panel menu. Page range options in indexes. Hrvatska - Hrvatski. Look for duplicate entries, weak subject areas, misspellings, and inconsistencies in capitalization and wording; for example, InDesign treats Cheetah , cheetah , and cheetahs as separate entries.

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Can I change the way it looks to make it more appealing? Numbering, headings, outlines Tags: Get new features first.

The following codes appear in place of page references to indicate index entries that may not be included in the generated index. It is located between Insert Caption and Mark Citation on the References toolbar towards the upper-right corner of your screen.

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The page range extends from the index marker to the end of the number of paragraphs specified in the adjacent box, or to the end of as many paragraphs as exist. Command to be inserted between a level 0 item and a level 1 item, where the level 0 item does not have associated page numbers.

If Replace Existing Index is deselected, a loaded text icon appears. Will it refer the reader to other related topics?

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First, identify the text that you want to appear in the Table of Contents. To create an index entry without a page number, choose Suppress Page Range in the Type menu. Fields fld. Suppress Page Range.

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If an index marker appears in hidden conditional text, the entry is excluded from the index. Select Reference. In the Index panel, select Reference , and scroll the preview area to the entry you want to copy. Right-click in the Document Map to choose which levels of heading to view.

To add emphasis to a particular index entry, select Number Style Override , and then specify a character style. To get started, open the document in Word