When I was actually old enough to drive, my dislike of the look and feel of these cars was compounded by their road manners, which were at best amusing and at worse openly terrifying the brakes in particular.

The engine had a manufacturing defect that made it give up the ghost at about 1, miles with a crankcase full of metal shavings, but the second engine was stronger than dirt. T-straps sandals with chevron Tristan Shop at Tristan to find a similar item. You enjoyed the article?

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If you work in a more corporate environment, save these for casual Friday. When we took our car back it was determined that one of the motor mounts was in fact broken and that if the other one were to break the engine could drop out of the car. Even if not, the Bel Air was the fleet step-down from Impala, which was lower than Caprice. That was one hell of a car that went like hell, cornered like a bear and could cruise the highway going 75 MPH all day long.

All those cheap hard plastics we complain about today? When one of the mounts gave up the ghost, engine movement could cause the throttle linkage to bind.

But yes, they looked sharp inside and out and were fine cruisers. Notify me of new posts by email. My Impala is bigger, but because of the big windows, visibility is excellent, which makes it seem smaller than it is.

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The English teacher said it was my best work all year! Me Too! This was the car I learned to drive in — what a beast. Amen to dat, man! It felt every inch of its size. Your best accessory when trying out a new daring trend is confidence!

My uncle had a Caprice four-door hardtop in the color combination of the hardtop coupe. I agree with the sentiment, re: Australian Brands. It was supremely refined, quiet, reasonably well built, comfortable, and if ordered with the available HD suspension, was a decent handling and steering car considering its size. In reality, the fender design collected water and encouraged rust. I miss a nice emerald green car.

Curbside Classic: Chevrolet Impala – The Best Big Car Of Its Time

In contrast, the Ford had a nicely balanced brougham look that deteriorated into caricature in later years e. It made her Midget and MGC look reliable. This car is one of those times.

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