Removing Cured Powder Coatings

However, some have said that B17 has damaged aluminum after leaving a part submerged overnight. After sandblasting, only handle the part with clean gloves. Sean Castle November 14, at Chris March 6, at 5: Chemical Sheet. Your is guide dead on with every tip as I have tried and been thru every situation.

As far as blasting, outgassing, and re-blasting, this would only need to be done if the item is cast aluminum, cast iron, etc. I'm not super worried about the metal as it would only be in there a short time but just an option so maybe I can stop my hair being pulled out.

This makes the particles adhere to the surfaces thus creating a magnetic attraction. If you have already media blasted the part, the second time blasting will go much faster. Being an expensive downhill racing frame this is fairly important! Make sure to adhere to all the safety guidelines if you decide to use it.

We used a drum to manually drip wheels in one at a time to both meet the OSHA spec in rlation to air quality in methylene chloride applications and to minimize safety incidents. Have any suggestions?

Removing Powder Coating From Aluminum: 4 Steps

The question mentions aluminum parts also which, if immersed in a hot alkaline solution, may be severely attacked. Hi Thomas. Is Powder Coating environmentally safe? Thanks again. What is Powder Coating? This method of metal cleaning is an acceptable method when properly controlled.

Email bbeath expresschem. An Organizing Craft. Unknown December 29, at 8: You'll feel even the smallest drop because it will burn your skin. Spray the part with carb cleaner Scrub in a circular motion with the wire brush, and immediately wipe the residue off with a towel. Hey Anonymous, this is Chris, I was sent a sample of powdercoating stripper from Ben at ExpressChem from the article a few paragraphs above. The Powder Coating process creates a hard finish that is tougher than conventional paint.

At these temperatures, the coating ignites quickly and literally burns away from the product. Brush the stripper on smoothly! I had a frame powder coated for an old Triumph I want to restore.

How to remove Powder Coating from aluminum, iron and steel?

Phosphating Chemical. Thanks Jason. It has a diameter of 16" and is 27" tall. Unknown October 5, at 1: Yes B17 strips powder coat very well so it will work for you.

My goal is quality and because I have several bikes, I'm trying to nail down an efficient and results based process. The powder coating process has little impact on the environment since the process emits zero or near zero volatile organic compounds VOC.