Cupcake Project Substitution Lab, Test 1: Using Mayonnaise as an Egg Substitute

Hi Gaynor! Probably that spring fever bug that is bitten me! Hi Stella! Hi Fatima!

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Vegan Olivier Salad. I also add a little bit of powdered garlic and some dried dill. I only have a regular blender. Thanks a lot for your comment Lea! Do you truly mean a different brand of milk? Reply Katja April 13, at Hi Simon!

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I totally need this in my life. Now, I am going to get creative; maybe a bit of fresh basil. I used canola oil and almond milk. Great recipe!

“Quiche”, “meringue”, “mayonnaise”? The plant-based possibilities are endless with egg replacers!

Every time we try they just stick and stay gooey. Thanks for your rating! With appreciation for all that you offer. Should last a couple of weeks, but the garlic gets stronger during storage.

I did find this which states that there should be no mold residue. Vegan egg replacers are any substance that can be used in place of eggs in a recipe. I hope you find it helpful. You will definitely not tell the difference!

Vegan Mayonnaise

Reply Renee Kohley September 10, at Share Love that you used avo here. Your email address will not be published. It sounds really good, thanks a lot for the idea! Will never buy mayo again after makibg this!

This is hands down the best mayonnaise I have ever tried!