Summertime control of temperature in Canadian homes: How Canadians keep their cool

All Central Air Units are wired to run on volts so to calculate your wattage multiply the amps by Very well done! Multiply the kWh per hour consumption by the number by number of hours that your unit runs per day.

The higher the EER, the more effient the air conditioning unit is. The Furnace Family is a full service Edmonton HVAC company specializing in residential furnace replacement and service, air conditioning, indoor air quality and water heaters.

When comparing between air conditioning models, look for the SEER Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio number, which measures the cooling efficiency of your air conditioner or heat pump. We Guarantee Our Product and Our Work We are proud to back our air conditioners and furnace installations with guarantees designed to protect you and your investment.

The service techs that came out to install the AC were both friendly and polite. Split Systems: In order to reconvert the refrigerants back to a liquid, the gas is compressed at high pressure, which releases heat that is passed outside by a fan.

What to Look for When Choosing an Air Conditioner in Alberta

Depending on your situation, you may be able to reduce your costs in one or both of these areas. Don't let summer weather get you hot-headed! Learn more about what kinds of air conditioner is right for you in our Frequently Asked Questions about Air Conditioners Guide.

How can a furnace company help with air conditioning? Anything that blocks the airflow of a vent can cause a noise. An air conditioner cools and reduces the humidity in in a room by the process of refrigeration. If these common causes are not responsible for the noise issues, you will want to call a professional technician to go over your entire HVAC system.

You may also qualify for a tax rebate if you purchase a high efficiency system, and you'll enjoy lower utility bills, as well. The formula for calculating the exact cost can be fairly intimidating but the following Laymans rule of thumb will provide you a budgetary amount that will only be slightly higher or slightly lower once the bills start coming in.

Toggle navigation. They were able to complete the installation in a timely manner. Thanks for taking the time to leave a review. Customer Comments. This can make a difference especially if you have a room air conditioner. Energy Star is a government-backed symbol for energy efficiency. You have no recently viewed items. No other company even offered to do that. Professional Air Conditioning System Installations. The only real problem was the customer decided to remove the insulation.

One ton of cooling equals 12, Btu.

7 ways to lower your hydro bill this summer

Air Conditioning is a great add on to any home, but it needs to be sized correctly and installed properly. My furnace died and I had many companies come and give me quotes.

Would recommend this company to anyone looking to have this done. It ejects cold air at one end and releases heat at the other. The most important step in choosing the right contractor is to check their references.

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I received good service at a good price in a timely manner. Will definately call again when in need of heating or air. Authorized Dealers: That means you get your precise, desired temperature and you can save money doing it.

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