Display Show Spoilers. There was also that same stock wolf sound effect in other TV Shows, movies and commercials. The "fly away" whistle-like sound effect. The "vavoom" sound heard when picking up power-ups in certain games, including P. A dog's olfactory epithelium is also considerably more densely innervated, with a hundred times more receptors per square centimeter.

Current Biology. All it gives out is static! When sliding through the numbers in the phonebook if and only if the keyboard sound is activated, many phones will make a constant and very faint beep-beep sound. See also: Bear growls also get used for all sorts of animals and monsters, sometimes even ones that shouldn't even be able to vocalize.

The sensory receptors of the accessory olfactory system are located in the vomeronasal organ. There is a common sound of a baby crying , heavily used with the character of Kate in Arthur , mainly in the earlier seasons.

Nothing else in the world smells like that It also got used on The Price Is Right during the "Cliffhangers" game whenever the "yodely guy" falls off the cliff. The Universal Studios telephone ring — Used in many older works.

The Ark of Napishtim , a hawk screech is used at the beginning of Ernst 's boss battle theme. Some cash registers and other electronic devices use familiar video game sounds, such as the "get ring" sound from Sonic the Hedgehog , the "secret found" sound from The Legend of Zelda , and the " Konami pause" sound. Many songs by the Pizzicato Five have a re-ocurring sound of someone saying "The new stereophonic sounds spectacular" There are several stock Ominous Latin Chanting samples.

The Revenge was a semi-common stock roar in older movies, famously used for Spot the dragon's roar in The Munsters and in the Tom and Jerry short "The Milky Waif" one of it's earliest appearances where Jerry gets so mad at Tom he lets loose the bellow; not heard much today. The Shambler's roar in Quake. In the 11th Touhou game, Subterranean Animism , every spellcard Utsuho Reiuji , a hell raven with the ability to manipulate nuclear fusion, uses, is announced with blaring klaxons and giant nuclear signs along with the word CAUTION!

No, but there is one for doors opening! For olfaction in insects, see insect olfaction.

Stock Sound Effects

This variant was actually introduced in Star Trek: One specific sound-clip of a cougar snarling has been used a lot , for everything from black-and-white Tarzan movies to the opening sequence of Twilight Zone: I suppose so. Speaking of bears, if a bear shows up in any work of fiction made reccently, chances are high it's going to sound like this.

Especially noticeable when the record comes to the end and the needle slides over to the spindle. Even the film , as far-removed as it was from the franchise spirit, simply remixed the old reliable sound with elephant rumblings.

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Snakes use it to smell prey, sticking their tongue out and touching it to the organ. Stock fireworks whistle. The "cha-ching! It's even used to this day.

A modern demonstration of that theory was the cloning of olfactory receptor proteins by Linda B. A two syllable "AAAH-ahh" with emphasis and rising intonation on the first syllable.