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Extras Local Gift Vouchers Specials. Post Office. Check our Four Peaks Amethyst inventory Amethyst Gemstones for new posts, and please inquire for sizes and shapes available.

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Utah based company who sells tumbled stones, gift items and the displays to set them up for sale. Ametrine Chunk 0 - g to g - 2'' to 3''. Rare Petrified wood. The Gem Shop, featuring wholesale items for purchase.

Colorado Gem & Mineral Co.

Rare Petrified wood from the Upper Jurrasic Period Hermanophyton ,rare wood, petrified palm, jurrasic period, petrifed forrest, root chakra. No kidding. We offer hundreds of rock, mineral, and jewelry products in dozens of categories directly imported to insure high quality and low prices. Sign up for our newsletter. Please wait Rostral Spines.

Toprock Gemstones and Minerals Welcome to Africans leading Rock & Mineral wholesaler!

Lots of nifty marketting items for rockshops. We buy only what will be a good deal to our customers, and have developed a network of some of the best worldwide sources.

Some Canadian specimens also available. Treasures from the Earth Ltd. View Cart. Related Searches: Product Inquiry Fossil Realm. Her talents far exceed her reputation as an excelent source for anyone doing business in this mysterious and unknown industry!

Here is just a general example of the types of products we carry:. Wholesale company for polished minerals and crystals, carvings, beads, the typical rock shop style material.

Sign up for our newsletter. We consider Faden Quartz to be an amazing demonstration of piezo-electric properties utilized during the growth of these complicated yet aesthetic formations almost unrecognizable from normal habits of Quartz.

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So if you have a query, add the product to your order and we can discuss it with you when we confirm the order. New from the Tucson Show, new things in all catagories, esp.

Celtic,Mexican,South American Gender: Unit 18, Vaughan ON. New crystal habit of Epidote from Baluchistan, Pakistan, hundreds of crystals in stock-wholesale inquiries for quantity invited. A classic Tucson dealer, visit him online or in person! No retail orders accepted from the general public.