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In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Pilgrimage and the Senses. The Rituals of Faith. We welcome submissions relating to aspects of pilgrimage of any faith or historical period. Guru Nanak Dev was asked "Should I go and bathe at pilgrimage places? Sample topics may include but are not limited to: Westport, Connecticut: Such sites may be commemorated with shrines or temples that devotees are encouraged to visit for their own spiritual benefit: Pilgrimage to this area was off-limits to Jews from to , when East Jerusalem was under Jordanian control.

Sample topics may include but are not limited to: Almost any place can become a focus for pilgrimage, but in most cases they are sacred cities, rivers, lakes, and mountains.

Hall and P. Successful applicants will be notified by February 5th. Pilgrim Stories: We invite minute papers from any discipline on topics related to the themes outlined above, especially in the fields of anthropology, archaeology, art history, history, literature, musicology, religious studies, sociology, and theology.

Architectural conservation in Islam: With our deep well of reflection-based resources, Pilgrimage groups take a step back to think critically, ask questions, and transform their service experiences into something that lets them apply their learnings to a broader social and faith awareness. Main article: LCCN pg. Edinburgh University Press.

On and Off the Road to Santiago. Please submit a title, abstract max.

Noun plural pilgrimages A journey made to a sacred place, or a religious journey. Jean Fone Date Deposited: Victor and Edith Turner's Image and Pilgrimage in Christian Culture , published in , drew on classic anthropological themes in an innovative way.

Pilgrimages present an intriguing paradox. Most Hindus visit sites within their region or locale.

Landscape aesthetics, meaning and experience in Christian pilgrimage

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