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You could print the odd pages, reinsert the pages and print the even pages. Reportlab - PDF library for Python Isn't elegant, but it is working In Ubuntu Ask Question. Comment 18 Zdenek Dohnal I guess this is the CUPS password, however the dialogue does not give any clue an what has to be set-up in order to make it work. Swarup Dev swarup-bhai1 said on Select all sudo systemctl mask cups-browsed.

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I have tested, also done sudo dnf update again and everything is working fine, same as tested before. Sanjay Kumar sanjay-kumar14 said on Arie to be more precise, last step is connect printer not reconect for first time.

A new larger window will open, displaying a listing of available printers to the left and more detailed information about the selected printer to the right. Als ik je tref in de kroeg, dan krijg je 'n trappist van me. Or did you install it from elsewhere? I use XSane as my image scanning program; it always sees the perfectly and scans great using the Turn On Printer and re-run hp-doctor Diagnose completed After these steps I was able to print using the HP LaserJet printer without problems, I did differents test like print a test page, print a LibreOffice doc, print a pdf doc.

Here is the output you have requested for "hp-check -t".

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For help, knowledge, and fellowship. Please give me some guidance here as to what should be done to get my HP Officejet working. Image toolbar. But they may be of interest to users and are listed here for their convenience.

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Plugin's already installed Checking for Printer Status If docs needed, set a value. It is an interesting suggestion you give about an old version of HPLIP-- as for years, the worked perfectly. There is even a more general problem with the CUPS authentication in hp-toolbox: I have several print orders pending now, and in the status window it shows the print orders, and next to each is the status "pending - not connected? It will take a bit of time, so be patient. Asked by Swarup Dev on