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Nuckin Futs. Gal Gadot is a model who is only three inches taller than the average female height, not even remotely full-figured, and is a size 0. San Diego Comic Con was an unbelievable experience. The card looks stacked on paper.

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Kane lays out the challenge and beats Show, clean or otherwise, with the contendership on the line. Basically, this would be Batista's way of ducking Mysterio after turning on him, claiming that he doesn't want Mysterio to get in his way.

I'm looking forward to next week. Monday, November 16, Instant Feedback: Some of them are just so nice. Even littler Miss Bliss packs a punch!

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Search refinements. Of course, the reactions, for better or for worse, started immediately. Being entertaining outside of the ring. Yeah, I may sound like a shill, but Chikara is a fed I believe in so much.


Regardless of how it turns out, the Piggie James stuff sends the wrong message. These figures are new in the box, perfect condition!

While I think he'd be a tremendous booker he's actually gotten a job booking for a local promotion and I always enjoy reading his takes on wrestling, the guy never did it for me in the ring or on the stick. This site uses cookies. All four had some amazing strikeage going on.

There are good characters and some evil characters faces and heels , and even some neutral characters tweeners. Good Luck: It's just that they need to learn from the mistakes of failures past and get rid of those that would perpetrate the WWE-imitator mentality i.

They and the Wreckless Eating guys, are what inspired me and my boyfriend to create our own bacon show, Bacon Strippers.

Torgo from the A1 Boards called it a throwaway show , and I'd be hard-pressed to disagree. It's nice to dream though.

Do you think Hogan going to TNA is a good thing? Still, the ONST took the win.