Sets up a commission to determine the representativity of trade unions in the public sector. Amends provisions on the granting of subsidies to participants in adult training programmes and to institutions offering such programmes. Adds to the provisions relating to child protection and social services and their structure.

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War crimes Chapter XV. Act No. The next part deals with Freedoms and Responsibilities. Regarding the safety of the workplace, the employer has to consult with the employees respectively with their occupational saftey representatives. Modifies the conditions under which a corporate body or a private entrepreneur can get a subsidy to create employment. Amends provisions concerning work permits, including the information employers must submit and their duty to keep the permit for three years after the end of the employment.

The current list is divided into Category I and II substances: Determines the protection that workers must receive if their exposure to noise is below or above the prescribed level.

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Contains the list of those regions. Amends provisions relating to seasonal workers, who can now work a maximum of days per year in Hungary, and provisions relating to persons who do not need a work permit diplomats, employees of international or European organizations. Sets rules for the functionning of the advisory board of the integrated vocational centre.

Finally, Chapter IX contains final provisions. In annex: Rules are detailed for old-age benefit, regular social assistance, housing subsidies, medical care, temporary assistance and funeral grant. Provisions relating to benefits under the legislation of the Republic of Hungary Part V.

Extends the subsidy to further situations possible reimbursment of worker's pay, vocational rehabilitation in certain establishments and amends provisions on subsidy calculation.

The first part deals with the foundation of Hungary, including with respect to name of the country, citizenship, language, coat of arms etc. Legal Acts Chapter 3: Compliance with the EU Law.

The termination of culpability Chapter VI. An explanation of the procedure for ensuring that adopted exposure limits are appropriate for workers in British Columbia is provided.

Amends provisions on holidays. Contains provisions on the organisation, functioning and procedural rules of the equal treatment authority. Aims at coordinating the institutions providing pensions to workers within the common market of the European Union. Disabled job seekers are entitled to housing allowance granted on the distance from workplace and the length of work time. Students are entitled to health care as long as they have the right to a student card. Jobs within the dangerous area should be approved by a committee set up by the authorities, and the operator has to report to the authorities any serious accident in relation with a dangerous substance.

Such a fund can be created by a bank, an insurance company, an investment company or an employer. Filtered by: Category II: Specifies the cases in which the existing national regulation applies and provides for the application of European norms to the classification, packing and labelling of dangerous substances.

Also sets forth the duty of the employer to make a risk assessment, which includes a noise inspection of the workplace in specific situations. The HSIS provides access to two data sets, one for hazardous substance information and the other for exposure standard information. The relationship between conviction and discharge Chapter XI. In addition, biological exposure indices BEIs represent the concentration of chemicals in the body that would correspond to inhalation exposure at a specific concentration in air.

Specifies the cases in which the existing national regulation applies and provides for the application of European norms to the classification, packing and labelling of dangerous substances.