Dark Yellow Urine in Pregnancy

Chyluria is another possible diagnosis.

Dark Urine During Pregnancy

My urine was cloudy, but I had no other mentioned symptoms. What about purple. Just a guess. Please be on-topic and appropriate.

If you are experiencing a burning or stinging sensation when passing urine or your bladder or lower back feel sore then you may have a urinary tract or kidney infection. Even clear my sugar is normal just I have drank a lot more fluids.

Urine Color during Pregnancy: Causes & When to See Doctor

Most of them are relatively harmless, but if you notice any new changes in your urine or are worried about the appearance or smell, the best thing to do is call your doctor. Deviations may be associated with urinary disorders. Chart of health and disability awareness ribbon colors including their associated causes and meaning.

According to the Mayo Clinic , the medicines or supplements include:.

Urine Smells and Colors and Their Causes - Diabetes Self-Management

In between your prenatal care visits, feel free to call your providers for advice about your urine color, any urinary symptoms, or any other problems. Tina brown. Certain changes in color may be a sign of an underlying medical condition.

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Have you got yellow urine in pregnancy?

Consult your doctor if this happens. Featured Recipe. Sara Milan. Real Answers. During pregnancy, a more intense brighter to darker yellow urine color is not unusual. This information is great to know as my urine has been different smells lately.