The adults will lead the young away from danger. They have about six species of red howler in Central and South America, and they sleep for 15 hours per day.

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Physical fighting among group members is infrequent and generally of short duration. Logging is yet another concern, because it not only disrupts the habitat too much, but it also allows better access to their habitats for hunters by use of the access roads. The other group has more males, which have smaller hyoids, and larger testes, and free copulation occurs among the group.

Alouatta arctoidea Alouatta belzebul Alouatta caraya Alouatta coibensis Alouatta discolor Alouatta guariba Alouatta juara Alouatta macconnelli Alouatta nigerrima Alouatta palliata Alouatta pigra Alouatta puruensis Alouatta sara Alouatta seniculus Alouatta ululata. Mammal Species of the World: The northern brown howler Alouatta guariba guariba is the type subspecies of the brown howler , native to Brazil.

Red howler monkeys prefer the forest canopy and understory. Together with the enormous jaw, the swollen throat gives the monkey a grim appearance.

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Retrieved from " https: Q Wikispecies: Communities that live near the brown howler populations have previously held the belief that the brown howlers were the cause of the disease, and would kill them to stop the spread of disease. Slower reproduction of these mammals also prevents them from replenishing the population in response to this pressure. The mantled howler is primarily black except for a fringe of yellow or golden brown guard hairs on the flanks of the body earning the common name "mantled" howler monkey.

Tropical Conservation Science, 7 1 , Wikispecies has information related to Bolivian Red Howler. They have a long gestation period , and generally reproduce more slowly than similar-sized mammals of other species. Alouatta palliata ADW: Views Read Edit View history.