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Savage, returned to New Zealand in February after spending eight years in Britain. After the official opening, donations of mattresses, sheets and pillows were placed in the new building, where they will remain permanently for use by visitors. She also received a medallion and citation appointing her a serving sister of the Order of St. Mrs Hetet uses only the old tree bark dyes, and fixes them in the traditional method with wood ash.

One of the reasons for holding it in Wellington was the interest taken by the Polytechnic, but there is an equal need for the same type of course in Auckland and Christchurch.

Alas, ah me!

The New Zealand Herald. Returning to New Zealand he took up his former occupation as a shepherd and drover, in which capacity he was highly regarded. Mr Hamlin, a former teacher at Rakaunui, was the originator of the building project. Three years later he was given his first command and was master of several ships of the Northern Company's fleet before transferring to the Holm Co.

Project length is 48 weeks.

Te Ao Hou THE MAORI MAGAZINE [electronic resource]

At Hamilton a meeting was called last February to form a committee for the promotion of Maori education in Hamilton. Morrison, director of the Auckland University's Extension Department, said recently that the school would have to be restricted to about , as even this number would double the population of Tikitiki. Harris, Mayoress of Mt. Undoubtedly this happens because the haka is a dance form with regular footstamping which imposes its beat upon the music. Brigadiers D. We think you have liked this presentation.

Kingi Thaka, of Wellington, representing the Church of England. During his military career her father, Major Paraone Tunuiorangi, visited England, where he was given charge of the New Zealand Regiment at Queen Victoria's diamond jubilee celebrations. The song transcribed in this issue belongs to a song type less well known that most others, called maimai sometimes maemae.

At last it was eleven o'clock, time to place bets for the double. Reed, 60s. Today I visited such a centre for the first time. From amongst the best work of New Zealand craftsmen and women, 20 pieces have been selected to go to Stuttgart, West Germany, where they will be displayed at the International Handicrafts and Applied Arts Exhibition.

Waitai centre opens the hangi at the garden party Daily Telegraph photo. Ka whati koe i te aha? Ritchie, the meeting was attended by about 60 people, most of them Maori. Amendments resulting from surveys As a result of surveys done of the redress sites, we recommend several amendments to Schedule 3 of the bill.

The three day trip ended with the presentation of engraved putty knives to the two boys as a lasting reminder of their reward. Paewai, Kaikohe. They found it hard to absorb all the information being fed to them, even though it was related to practical problems. Northland College Maori students are also keen to see a conference for senior Maori secondary students begin next year. Inia Te Wiata's singing is hauntingly evocative.