Dracula from the Castlevania series, who just continuously keeps coming back, just to get killed and then revive and then get killed and, you get the picture. As he explains it with his calm fanaticism, your major reaction will be that you'll want to warn Bester of this threat, although the means how Bester does learn of it is despicable in itself.

The Legend of Korra: Yet he is just so utterly pathetic and William H. His brother Tarrlok might be an even better example of the tropes' classic defenition. Chris Jericho is this in spades. Also Mephiles the Dark, one of the few redeeming things about the game. This villain trope is for the characters we love to hate. Nack the Weasel of Sonic the Hedgehog. A sadistic Psycho for Hire with the operative word being "psycho".

Love to Hate - TV Tropes

Also, Walder Frey even in universe and Ramsay Bolton. White , and Mr. The role of a heel wrestler is to get the audience to hate them in a way that makes them long to see said heel wrestler get humiliated and ultimately be defeated.

And he's got 50 or so fate-ninjas to shut you up, even though said fate-ninjas really should be directed in helping you saving the world. Yet because of this, he's one of the most memorable characters of the manga despite his brief appearances.

Almost many of the James Bond Big Bads fit this trope to a tee, as it helps that many of them are damn cool as well.

By the time you finally fight him, you'll wanna kick his ass, but he's kept you laughing for hours. Medusa from Soul Eater straddles this line, depending on whether you like her villainy to the point that in the manga, she gets exactly what she wants even in death sufficiently compensates for her horrid abuse of Crona.

Not helped by the fact that he is the head of the agency that protects society from criminal and insane telepaths and when he takes part in an operation personally, he's usually Necessarily Evil. She also has one of the best songs in the show. Like Azula, Long Feng is a very charismatic villain, but not on her level, as he unfortunately experiences when dealing with her.

Many fans eagerly hope that the heroes eventually fight him, not only because he deserves it, but because such a battle would likely be really awesome. There is still hatred, after all. Cruella has a comically tragic backstory that explains everything she did, we swear! Alec Trevelyan to the point that on top Bond villain countdowns, he usually ranks near the top when it comes to Bond villains that have never appeared in an Ian Fleming novel.

Love to Hate

But his cool factor and his fun and laid back personality with lots of bright colors added in make him an enjoyable antagonist when onscreen. Vince McMahon.

Watching him trap and trick people was way more fun than it should have been. Ring of Honor fans had a special hatred for Jimmy Rave. His Fountain of Memes Castlevania: There's a reason the fans nicknamed him the Magnificent Bastard.

He is possibly one of the most evil characters in the Marvel universe, and fans love him because of it, not despite. He's far too much fun for his own good. And don't even get started on Gendo Ikari. He's a total monster that willing to use anything and anyone to achieve his goal, had a hand in killing Mai , and destroy Kaito's hard-earned power up.

Being here means that said villain is part of the pantheon of great villains. As a result, Umbridge is more fun to hate even than the Big Bad. In comes Evolt who pretty much exists to exclaim the virtues that evil gets all the cool toys.