Stiff neck – Relieve it yourself

Gentle stretches may help relieve your neck pain see "Move of the month". There is only one muscle that you can pull in this area. And anything you can do to inject low level movement throughout your day may help keep your metabolism revved up; this may have a positive effect on the pliability of your neck muscles.

A Anonymous Dec 22, It is very important that you apply the massage pressure from behind as well as from the side of the muscles. Grasp the back of your neck at your cervical spine with your thumb and index finger.

3 Quick and Proven Stiff Neck Remedies

To feel this area, place one or two fingers on the centre of the back of your head. Instead, try holding your phone or tablet up in front of you at eye level. When Do They Help? Continue doing this with the entire muscle and search for painful spots.

How to Relieve a Stiff Neck

Try to fall asleep on your side or back. The same is true when it comes to incorrect posture or bad habits. Once you have diagnosed the cause, use several of these tips in order to help relieve you of your stiff neck.

If you think your anxiety is contributing to a stiff neck, you might want to visit a doctor or counselor to talk about treating anxiety. If you sit at a desk all day or you spend a lot of time in the car, take a lot of short breaks.

Over the counter medications — Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs NSAIDs work by decreasing inflammation in muscles and are on the of the first treatments for symptoms of chronic neck stiffness or pain.

Check your posture — The vast majority of us regularly work hunched over at our desks in front of a computer screen or looking down at our phones, which is a common cause of neck pain. Depending on how you sleep, choose a pillow that will minimize neck stiffness. Consider the stress in your life - Do you suffer excessive anxiety?

In both cases, use your fingers by placing your thumb and index in a pincer grip. However, doing so can be extremely effective at preventing unnecessary back and neck pain. Muscle relaxants are useful in relaxing muscles and providing relief from a stiff or sore neck.

A Anonymous Aug 17, Thank you. Some knot in your neck, upper back or shoulders may have formed while you were sleeping.

Neck Pain or Stiffness

Even if you end up turning onto your stomach while you sleep, you will have spent less time on your stomach than if you started out sleeping that way. Apply to the neck, between the shoulders, or at the base of the head for 20 minutes. September, Position your chair so that you sit with your feet flat on the floor and your arms rest on your desk.