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By gripping your left wrist and making practice swings, you'll really widen things out before your next big drive.

How to create more clubhead speed & distance in 60 secs.

It is all about leverage, body rotation and coil. I always stand firm, and grip with a very powerful grip. This is all done with centrifugal force. Distance is created by clubhead speed squarely applied. Hold the position for 5 seconds. Avoid touching the ball with your knee. I receive tons of comments on creating lag or angular acceleration in the golf swing. It would only go five yards, but it would always go straight. Photo Credits Digital Vision.

Go to https: My usual drives are in the range, topping out at per GPS. More instruction columns by Karen Palacios-Jansen Changing your club face will change your game Do you need to change your swing mechanics? Overturning destroys the coil that sets up a powerful downswing.

Of course, do yourself a favor and get fitted for your driver shaft. A shot like that produces a lot of forward energy.

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This 3rd lever rotates around its own axis. This is a great way to fight a hook. Top Searches on. So, good luck and enjoy. Increasing or decreasing your grip size can have a profound effect on how the hands operate during the golf swing. At this point, your wrists should be bent with your right wrist almost fully bent.

Your smash factor, which is a clever way to gauge how effectively and efficiently you're compressing the golf ball, measures your ball speed divided by your clubhead speed. Well I stayed away from that one because it was to long. You can also build golf specific muscles by swinging a weighted golf club.

Repeat the drill a few times if necessary to establish a larger sample size. Cookies make wikiHow better. Grip your left wrist with your right hand, from underneath. Swing the weighted club slowly at first and concentrate on the release of the hands through the impact area.

Don't do it too soon and arrive at impact with a closed face. Most golfers think there are only 2 levers in the golf swing - the arms and the club. The data in these chart include:.

Jim Suttie: Creating more clubhead speed

He told me that Jaakob Bowden is a real magician. The best golfers in the world have mastered this lag and can hold it off until last second, creating enormous power. Nicklaus said, I feel like I need to get the golf club to the ball before the buttons in my shirt get there. If you work on the lower body sequence and rotation, you will increase your driving and iron distances. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Stay the course with this drill and you will see an amazing increase in your club head speed adding much more distance to your tee shots!

This is why the golf swing is so difficult to learn