49 Badass Gifts for Every Kind of Brother

Sisters watch out for one another, and if yours has dry skin when the temperature drops, do her a favor and gift her this moisturizer from First Aid Beauty.

This wine saver from Vacu Vin sucks air out of the wine bottle, which results in fresher tasting wine. Inspired by the new moon, this kit encourages you to relax, set intentions, and work to be your best self.

48 Of The Best Gifts For Sisters In

Gigi Hadid Looks to the '90s for Reebok Collection. And with all the numbers replaced with "Now", she will love seeing that anytime is a good time for a glass of bubbly! Love the muted colors as well. The bottom of the slipper is soft so I don't wear these in the basement when doing laundry, but otherwise I wear all over the house.

Purrfect Cat Nail Files Set of 3. If your sister's into physical activities, she can use the watch for heart rate tracking and even swimming.

45 Thoughtful Gifts For Your Sisters, Both Biological and Not

This vintage makeup organizer is a fun birthday or holiday gift. An insulated, carbonation-preserving design keeps beer, cider, and kombucha at their crisp, bubbly best for up to 24 hours.

And if you give her options, she'll stop asking to borrow your lipstick. Whether it's a cozy sweater, a set of matching PJs, or something nostalgic from your childhood, there's no one better to shower with gifts than your sister.

American Giant brings brought a fresh perspective to what a sweatshirt could be — a utility piece that was sophisticated enough to wear to the office and built to last a lifetime.

Perfect for Christmas and the holiday season! While the speakers are compatible with stereo receivers, they also complement home theater setups. Your eco-conscious sister will appreciate these reusable storage bags, with have a double locking closure to help prevent leaks, and are safe for the freezer. Is your sister forever running late? Tie pins puncture a permanent hole in the tie, damaging it, and forcing you to wear a pin with that select tie. It holds 16 oz also known as a grande and can be made in a variety of colors and customized with her name or any other phrase.

Get a kit from Ancestry. Made to look like old school polaroid photos, you can have these coasters made with whatever yo want! It has a retro vibe to it that makes it even more appealing. If you're going to gift cashmere, make it from Everlane. The makeup is smooth, easy to apply, and very pigmented for the price.

Just 48 Great Gifts To Buy Your Sister This Year

I put it in a frame above my record player. Or Ruben dies. The penguin print is absolutely adorable. Slip shoes on to run errands, walk the dog, or switch between pairs with ease. The fit is very comfortable — looser without being baggy. The caramels have been cooked over an open flame for a unique and delicious end result.

A detachable shoulder strap allows her to carry the bag in a variety of ways. This all-in-one Journal will help keep him motivated as he stays focused on reaching his goals! The moisturizing formula helps make skin feel soft and supple, no matter the time of year.