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It depicts the fall of the Gallifreyan city of Arcadia on the last day of the Time War. The Endless Song. Or the special encounters in FO1 [fallout. Start a Wiki. Eventually, after trying for ages, we completely unwound the three rolls of tape and ran them all side by side for miles -- all the way down the big, long corridor in Maida Vale.

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The two later discuss what happened with the Doctor still clueless over the origin of the creature, if it survived or how many more there may be. The helicopter arrives at the museum, where it lands slowly to let the Doctor off. The Weeping Angels of Mons Echo.

The original choice for the role of the Tenth Doctor was an unknown and unnamed by the BBC actor who spoke in a cockney accent, but he didn't get the role because he moved down to Australia with his wife and daughter, his name has never been revealed publicly to protect his privacy, however Tennant has stated in interviews he's been told who the original choice for the role was, knows who he is and greatly admires him, even calling that near casting decision a more perfect casting then him being cast.

Friends of the Doctor: I noticed this was missing for a while, but I thought it was a minor oversight. The Tenth Doctor and Donna spend some leisure time on the crystalline planet Midnight , whose crust is composed of diamonds.

Old Girl parts three through five Revolving Doors.

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War Doctor , Eleventh Doctor. Mutant Spiders.

Play the new micro: They toast glasses. A deep voice affirms that he really might. Wardrobe Malfunction. Make-up Designer Lin Davie. Children in Need Meet the cast on the all new series of Doctor Who! Having had numerous attempts on her life already, Elizabeth carried a hidden blade on her, which she used to slay her twin in the forest and take her place as Zygon commander.

It was the only story in which the antagonist was never even partially glimpsed, leaving the threat to be realised by the actors and the sound editors. Osgood realises that the statues must have been smashed, and suddenly understands why: Later, during the passengers' meal time, the Doctor talks with Sky about travelling, remarking that he "had a friend who went to a different universe. The Eleventh stabilises the desktop, picking his current version; the Tenth doesn't like it.

However, this time, he doesn't have to make this horrible choice alone; they place their hands over his at the moment, forgiving him and themselves.

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Retrieved on 27 November Doctor Who - Bassline Layer 1 from Whooverville 5 Sorry, your browser either has JavaScript disabled or does not have any supported player. As the Doctor studies it, he cannot find a discernible trigger mechanism. TV Movie: Sorry if its confusing what I meant to say. The real Osgood begs the Doctor to save them again, as the Doctors and Clara force their way out of the painting, having frozen themselves in it earlier.

Start a Wiki. Terminus Podcast -- Episode 5: The First Doctor. Hobbes, who has been studying Midnight, presents a slide-show about it; he considers himself an expert because no one has ever researched it before, and that essentially nothing is known about Midnight.