Oat and Yogurt Pancakes

Easy, healthy, and tasty — thanks Deb!

Whole Wheat Yogurt Pancakes (with blueberries!) - Feasting not Fasting

I should know never to doubt you! They make a hearty lunch or dinner too! Bake 20 mins. Used around 1. Featured in: These are perfectly wonderful for what they are. Thanks for this wonderful pancake recipe.

Opt out or contact us anytime. These were really good but dense and hearty rather than light and fluffy. Hurray—and thank you—for freezer-friendly breakfast foods! I broke the rules. Even when I turned the heat down, they still got black fast. Recipe Cottage Cheese Oat Waffles: Leave it lumpy!

One of the only things that everyone in my family- 3yo, 7mo, and myself — can agree on for breakfast! Jul My favorite buttermilk pancakes are tall, fluffy, buttery show-offs.

Related Recipes. New here? Recipe here: Be the first to review this recipe Read 18 reviews. I made these for breakfast yesterday morning, and they were great. And no added sugar! These are fabulous! They look promising enough to add to my weekday pancake list. Thanks for the idea. I made them in the waffle iron and they turned out great! And if you have the time, check out my Pinterest board dedicated especially for freezer meals.