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We got nothing to do here except spending time in our basements, inventing new ways to play and walking roads less travelled, so to speak. Lolita - Pikalapokkala https: If I travel to India, for instance, and I spend time in Chennai with just kids clapping hands. I have the Hiatus Kaiyote CDs, but was unfamiliar with the rest. I felt that your comment about Mehldau 'keeping his mouth shut' was disrespectful, but that's just my opinion.

It's okay if we agree to disagree. And the most humiliating thing is when you are 15 — 16, and your older sister is moving your flying-V fingers around. All rights reserved.

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We should be happy for audio. P If you followed the attachment he was quoting a clueless american news broadcast who made that mistake. A year after his dynamic debut 'Radio Days', Uffe resurfaces on Tartelet with a record cut in the same spirit as the last: Only two tracks you say??

Damn your live video is smoking! And I thought that everything I had recorded up until that point was utter crap. You might be interested in the album Suburbs by Spectrum Orchestrum which came out last year I think. I can sort that out. And write music.

Like nearly all at camp Tartelet, he's a producer who is more interested in cutting loose than playing to the tune of dominant modes in dance music. Aleif Hamdan - Scotch Hopping https: I got some stuff from the 90's: Milenovic seems to get the pacified arena worked up with an array of eerie and spacey measure. I realize that this will make money, this will not make money. Tell me about the music?

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I rather have vocals, than someone just do some talking over the music. But I feel today that a lot of people have lost their cool.

Categorias ocultas: I'd compare him to, say, Dirty Loops. Actually it doesn't. Merry Christmas everybody! Shadowfax are very nice! Thank you for the suggestion.