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New Haven: Of course, the Internet is useful for orientating yourself quickly in an unfamiliar subject, or for finding out background information Which films did Louis Malle make? Manor Art Gallery, Manchester.

Publisher, Year of publication, [first edition date] all in round brackets Page numbers, p. Include the Author and the Translator names in the Bibliography entry. Sherman, WMO no. If you cannot read the original, you should only list the source you have actually read in your bibliography or reference list: RefWorks enables you to collect all your references in one place, together with any other files such as full-text pdfs, and then create citations and full references for any assignment, according to the required reference styles.

A poem Poems are often published in single or multiple author collections, so in your full citation you need to show both the details of the poem and the text it is published in.

Additional information is available under the Referencing tab. A play Use act in Roman numerals , scene and line numbers where available or page numbers when referring to a specific line or quoting.

Journal Title, in italics Volume number, Year, Page numbers. For Modern Languages students the Internet represents a vital source of up-to-date information on current affairs in the countries where their languages are spoken. You can find out more about how to use this tool by reading this guide. National Starch and Chemical Corp. If the source you want to cite is not listed here, see Writing citations for tips on how to cite unusual sources.

Referencing websites transcript Read along while watching the video tutorial. Oxford University Press. Last Updated: Note that in the bibliography the first author name is given as surname, first name: Referencing Citing and referencing source material is a crucial aspect of academic writing. Where language tutors know of reliable free online dictionaries, they will tell you. Mendeley is a free reference manager and academic social network that can help you organize your research, collaborate with others online, and discover the latest research.

Proceedings of the House of Commons. Cite in MHRA.

In the humanities, many authors also use footnotes or endnotes to supply anecdotal information. Rochester, New York: Reference Management Software, however, is becoming increasingly sophisticated and popular with students so we suggest the following recommendations: If you copy material from a website without using quotation marks or a footnote to indicate that the words or ideas are not yours, this will be treated in the same way as other forms of plagiarism see the information on plagiarism in the Section 6.

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Berg, An Introduction , Manchester: When quoting or citing written sources in your essay: Surname, First Name. All students For other exercises for instance a literature or film essay or presentation you will be encouraged to use the Internet only with discerning care!

Detective fiction and historical narrative.