How to Draw Horses: 11 Step-by-Step Videos & Tutorials for Aspiring Equine Artists

How to Draw Tires by Dawn.

Sandy walks you through the process of drawing beginning with basic shapes and building on that foundation to a finished drawing. This will be useful in an upcoming step. Now, for the highlights, look at where the light is hitting the horse and find those few spots reflecting it the strongest. Our drawing tutorials for kids and grown ups will help you master both easy and a bit more challenging objects and animals in no time.

I actually made the check mark on the wrong side right, and the right side wrong. You can also study my watercolor sketching techniques in greater detail on my drawing demo pages on DrawingEveryday.

Draw a Horse’s Face in 3 Steps

Remember to be precise and deliberate. As you can see the muzzle on the right has a more defined shape while the one on the left is a lot more narrow and has almost no shape or definition. You have just learned how to draw a horse. Drawing every individual hair would be crazy! I divide the top half of the circle and find the location for the eye. The new light hairs then stand out and appear to be in the forefront of your drawing.

How to Draw a Horse Step by Step Tutorial for Kids (Cartooning) - Easy Peasy and Fun

The structure of their heads, muzzles and even bodies can make a person give up from difficulty. Get more on YouTube: Now as you continue to add layers of graphite between the hairs, gently brush the entire area with your soft-bristled brush. If you want a super easy way to drawing it, just draw a U shape, the horse drawing will still look more than cute.

Finally, sketch out the shape of the horse's neck. Workable fixative is a clear, liquid enamel that comes in an aerosol can. If you are a beginner, however, perhaps it's a good idea to start with perfecting drawing the horse head. Click the icon or button below to view a printable PDF of this drawing guide. Always use a light touch so that your pencil lines can still be erased.

how to draw a horse

Start by the ear and zig-zag your way to the back. It will suffice to add shadows with a 2 pencil rather than coloring in your drawing.

You can see this article if you want to learn more. Make a circle for the top of the head shape and then draw the long shape for the muzzle.

How to Draw a Horse (Head Detail)

This is an intermediate cartooning tutorial. A Trick for Drawing Proportions Properly. Step 1. I also show you how to use the grid method, which is the method I prefer for all portrait work and most other complex drawings. Do not forget to remove the lines from the first two steps from the head. I hope this tutorial has helped you. When that is done use those shapes to sketch out the actual structure of the horse's head and muzzle.

Draw an ear and its details. Save this article for later. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Today I will be showing you how to draw horse heads and faces, step by step.