What Would Bob Do? Solving a Yard Drainage Crisis

How to Remove Standing Water From Your Yard

And things also have to be graded in such a way that water flows to an area where it can be picked up by the drain pipes. Whatever the cause of the standing water, you need expert help to identify the source and remedy the problem.

Is your soil compacted or does it have poor water absorbing capacity? Having soggy areas on the lawn means that dogs and people are more likely to be tracking mud into the house.

Even if you have a few inches of decent soil at the surface, the stuff underneath could be hard as a rock.

I'm willing to bet that you're getting pooling there because of run off from the sidewalk surfacing, which is, as you say, 6 inches higher than your garden. If you can't get the water off the property and you want to use your property for growing plants, a patio Unless you live in a rural area where there are no sidewalks , even directing runoff towards but not into the street is problematic.

Also, I filled the holes with sand rather than gravel. If it takes more than 24 hours to drain, then there is a serious problem that could impact the deep root zone of trees and shrubs.

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How to Control Condensation on Windows. Like 0 Comment 3 Stay updated Report. Solving your drainage problems starts with understanding the unique situation on your property and acting efficiently.

Depending on how severe your lawn-thatch issue is, there are two solutions to it: Lawn areas are trickier: Many homeowners have to deal with standing water in their yards. If it is, and the area's not too large, import topsoil and level off, or, as Michelle says, plant a willow, create a bog garden or make a pond. If your yard has a high water table or poor drainage it can be difficult to find trees that will thrive.

Some of them are quite labor intensive and might require the services of a professional. Friday, 22 May At best, the result would be ill will; at worst, you could be sued. A couple of elevations This rural property turns a problem low spot into an attractive wetland bog garden.

It would sometimes take weeks for the flooded area to drain. A dry well is basically a hole or ditch that is dug in the ground.

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Dig a hole about two feet deep and as wide. Luxury entertaining for the holidays. Channeling runoff onto a sidewalk can get you into trouble with the authorities because:.

Some thought has to given to raising the grade near city property. One advantage is that a gravel-filled dry well may be covered over with soil and grass. Plant roots in saturated soil during the growing season are denied oxygen, and quickly rot just like an overwatered house plant. Ways to Get Rid of Stink Bugs. Simply dig a large hole in the ground and back-fill it with rocks.

How to Get Rid of Standing Water in Your Yard

You can also suffer from having low spots in particular areas of the yard even if you don't live at the foot of a hill where the terrain slopes down. Clay soil is notorious for not draining well and when coupled with bad drainage as well, you get a lake in your back yard. There are some available for purchase. Why the water is pooling up rather than draining away and what you can do about it What potential problems can result from such a drainage issue.

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