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Personality may be referred to, as in the names Job "assailant" and Barak "lightning". It is even urged that one should not marry a woman of the same name as one's mother; or that she should be required to change it. Evidence from popular literature further supports their argument.

Thus, Moses Benveniste mentions a certain Obadiah who wandered from Germany to Turkey in and changed his name to Moses because the former name was unusual. David Hirsh Wednesday, May 23, The Spanish family Ibn Ezra is one example. Understanding Jewish surnames and given names can help you find and identify your ancestors.

First name Middle name Last name. The bulk of the Ashkenazic Jews in Germany and especially in Eastern Europe still followed the custom of using only a given name and the patronymic Joseph, son of Isaac.

Especially noteworthy was the use made of Jacob's blessing to transfer a personal name from the civic to the sacred sphere. The Family History Library has some books about names.

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Lord Hamlyn found it tough having the name Hamburger as a kid, so he changed it. Until the end of the 18th century the use of a family name was left to the discretion of the individual Jew. Reference is generally made to the father—except in illness or in danger, when compassion needs to be elicited and the person is referred to as being the child of the mother. A somewhat similar use of a title is the combination with Messer , as in the Italian Messer Leon , while in Provence the honorary prefixes en- , for men, and na- , for women, are combined with the name to form Engusek En-Joseph , Nabona , etc.

The JC offers several email newsletters to keep you updated with our news, features and comment. There was some objection to foreign names among the Jews of this period, [5] yet legend declares that the high priest Simon promised Alexander the Great that all the children of priestly families born in the year following his visit to Jerusalem would be named Alexander, after him.

Mobile phones — tyranny or liberation? My own original family name was not unintentionally funny. Some Jewish families have changed their surnames fairly recently. As reported in the JC, a group of French Jews whose parents had earlier changed their "foreign-sounding" names for fear of antisemitism, have been battling with the government for the right to reclaim them. Charedi women: Russia had no restriction on family names derived from place names.

Jekuthiel b. Where they were in the minority, as in North Africa, they assimilated the language, culture, and naming customs of the Jewish communities they joined. Even the name of a god like Apollo occurs Acts Surnames were occasionally derived from female names, such as Sirkes derivative from Sarah. They were the first to made widespread use of inherited family names. Hidden categories: The procedures were confusing, and he was overwhelmed by the commotion. This almost invariably implies frequency of mention, and, therefore, celebrity.

Tradition imputes to them the constant activity of converting men and women to the worship of God. And I agree. He changed his name at Woody Allen.

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Examples include patriotic themes, such as ben Ami "son of my people" , or ben Artzi "son of my country" , and terms related to the Israeli landscape, such as bar Ilan "son of the trees", also similar phonetically to the bearer 's original family name Berlin. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The meanings of the remainder have been obscured either through textual corruption or insufficient current understanding of comparative philology.

These nicknames were not permanent or inherited.