That's Google's approach, along with one camp of the Semantic Web tribe. The average over this sample is A short while back, I did a brief series on the value of "dirty data"copious amounts of unstructured, non-relational data created by the many interactions user have with your site and each other. So, you should modify bindings according to this rule.

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At least it's tied to some deliverable value. Ordinarily that would be no big deal but under high-stress conditions it can turn into a cascading failure that affects millions of people. I've always heard good things about JAOO, so it was an honor and a delight to be invited.

This is still a bit fuzzy, and they only left the boxes-and-arrows slide up for a few seconds, but here's what I was able to glean.

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From the announcement email: It isn't the domain model, however. The recruiters telegraph their needs a mile away. One of the most fun features of my current project is our "extreme feedback monitor". Therefore, the namespaces must be fixed in the instance per the modification done in XML Schema to make the instance valid again. I've talked before about adopting a failure-oriented mindset.

Something bad. Fleet has a very nice interface. Many of the lessons in that book hold strong. On one of my favorite projects of all, we used more layers because we wanted to further isolate different behaviors. What are the odds that three people can schedule a meeting this week versus having to push it into next week?

My last post on the subject of inverted ownership felt a bit abstract, so I thought I might illustrate it with a typical scenario. Technically, it assigns two: When an established company faced a technology innovation, they often create a new team to adopt and exploit that innovation.

The current favorite is some flavor of dynamic language running on the JVM: Vice City. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Like many retailers, they try to increase sales through "upselling" and "cross-selling". Figured I'd join the crowd by doing a word cloud for Release It.

Mouser in the UK have stock of the dev board. It's been a long road, so I'm thrilled to see this release. What kind of name recognition does Steve Ballmer have?

The topic is "Clouds, Grids, and Fog". Development tools allow developers to search and discover services through their "ES Workspace". Consumers may be human users, as in the case of a web site, or they may be other programs.

Inside the Box It gets tricky, though, when you start to consider what happens inside the server itself. Only a few exist in the world. Hi Charitha, thanks for your reply. O'Reilly has released "Beautiful Architecture," a compilation of essays by software and system architects.

At the beginning, I had no idea just how much work was needed to write an entire book.