A Healthy Halloween For Your Teeth

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Apples, bananas, vegetables, and even dark chocolate help scrub teeth clean and also supply important vitamins and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, and vitamins C and D! Just give them floss that tastes like candy! We look forward to seeing you! This video will change that. Student nurses, who will end up with unreasonable expectations of how patients react when told they need a piece of plastic jammed up their pee-canal?

Today's video is all about our favourite IKEA purchases and best buys for organisation and storage.

In " Turkey's Done ," Cheri Oteri plays Peaches Bracco, who is impatiently waiting for her cheating husband to come for a Thanksgiving dinner he'll never forget. We can, of course, do things to minimize the harmful effects of sugar on our teeth.

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It's Christmas morning in the Daily Bumps house and Santa left presents! Supernanny - "Terrible Twos!

It's easy, but you definitely need to be careful with the hammer. The song does hint at a darker future ahead, with later verses mentioning that several years into their celebrated marriage, the couple is only having sex once a month. Here are our 2 giveaways for the day: This battery powered rotary brush makes brushing more interesting without being overstimulating.