ESL One Cologne 2015

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Lisa Norden to compete for Team HiQ

JW attempted to trade pashaBiceps out, but the Pole came out on top again. Happy went big for his team with 21 kills, but the rest of his team fell behind while olofmeister had 24 kills and flusha had Fnatic claimed a lead before LG came back with five of its own. Not a member yet? The teams went back and forth.

Astral Influence vs. Renegades started off strong after a strong performance from jks in the pistol round and won the next round. Cloud9 came into the match as favorites. On the other side, eBettle had all the guns and equipment it needed, including an auto-sniper on GruBy.

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Viewer's Guide: NBK- took down karrigan with a high explosive grenade to make it a 1 vs. Read more about how we use cookies. Although it was a winner's match, Fnatic did not give Na'Vi any room for error.

Joakim Nordstrom knew it was going to be a close call. Fnatic, which defeated Luminosity Gaming and Virtus. Kinguin was stomped on by Luminosity Gaming and Immunity were run over by Virtus.

Sweden beats Russia 4-3 in overtime to advance to semifinals at world juniors

There, NiP had a very broken guy, with three pistols, a shotgun, and a rifle. Swiss formatet Round 1: Xyp9x then killed Yaman "yam" Ergenekon midair and Justin "jks" Savage was forced to save his gun for the next round. Windigo Gaming vs. Edward had 22 kills, but his team fell behind, as seized only had 12 kills and flamie with TaZ tried to make an aggressive play and was able to take out Xizt, but was traded immediately by allu.

Sign up. Renegades Vici Gaming.

Sweden beats Russia in overtime to advance to semifinals at world juniors - - News

The victory means Slovakia will face Finland in the quarter-final Monday, while the Swiss drop into the relegation round. NEO was unable to make much from the 1 vs.

As mousesports headed out to the A bombsite, nex took down markeloff and chrisJ killed DavCost on the A bombsite. The Slovaks had a lot more energy at the end than we did.