Nathan and Tristan: A Story of Love, Peace, and Understanding

Calum proposes to Deirdre.

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The decision is made to put the dog down. Yes, you read me right. James and Siegfried are the only two characters to appear in every episode. When up on a fell drinking Theakston 's Nutty Brown Ale with James, he accidentally releases the handbrake. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. She puts in place a change in their working methods, starting at 9.

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Busby has been on the phone again. The Trenholms' other dog, Robbie, then takes to sleeping in the barrel. Irked at having his session cut short, Tristan exacts some revenge on Busby. The younger Farnon also tries to dupe Calum into partaking in a double date , with the latter having to partner up with Prudence Barraclough.

Margie Myatt. Miss Harbottle starts to inflict her professionalism on the vets. At the show, Tristan tries to woo Beryl, a pretty barmaid in the beer tent, but finds out the hard way that she is spoken for.

It is raining cats and dogs - literally!

She dislikes him solely because her son died in his homeland during World War II. The hard-of-hearing Joe Mulligan brings his " womiting " dog, Clancy, into the surgery.

Taken by her, he gets a chance to woo her when James is called out to treat her father's dog. Siegfried chastises James after he waives the veterinary fee. Helen returns to Darrowby after the funeral of her aunt, but when she and James try to spend some time together, the obligatory phone calls come in. Nathan and Tristan: Reigning sovereign George VI dies on 6 February Mr Biggins tells James about his cowhand, Ned Finch, who goes drinking every night and is drawn to the bright lights of "big city" Briston.

He jumped down off his float, went over to the group, and gave one of them a huge hug. When James is injured fielding, Siegfried has to take his place at the crease. Tristan begins work as a Fertility Advisor. James has to deal with a difficult calving.

He suggests James signs up too. And kudos to Tristan for looking beyond the mistrust and ill will to find forgiveness and reach out amongst that same sea of people to extend one of the most basic of all human interactions: