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The atmosphere is composed of molecular oxygen gas O 2 produced when ultraviolet light from the Sun interacts with water ice in the rings. Two small saucer-shaped moons, Pan and Atlas, have ridges along their equators. But the Saturn V just sat there. Olaf's diagrams are an insightful resource and they can also help to illustrate those areas of planetary research which are currently being neglected such as the Uranian and Neptunian systems and prominent asteroids such as Pallas, Hygiea, Euphrosyne, Europa and Interamnia, for example.

Maize said there is a small chance Cassini could run out of rocket fuel before Sept. Farther out is the G ring, and finally the E ring, which is made up of very fine almost microscopic particles.

Nature Geoscience. Earlier Voyager observations of density waves in the A and B rings and an optical depth profile had yielded a mass of about 0. Nevertheless, the Cassini imaging team kept looking for spokes in images of the rings, and they were next seen in images taken on 5 September People were surprised to learn that the various stages had never seen each other until they were introduced in the VAB drydock.

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They have been considered to possibly be very old, dating to the formation of Saturn itself. That was one reason the program was successful, because the people devoted percent of their mind and their ability on the problems that existed. You knew that there were thousands of things that could go wrong, that you could do nothing about. Prometheus near apoapsis carving a dark channel in the F Ring with older channels to the right.

Pandora's not a "shepherd," but Prometheus still is". Related Articles " ". Particles of the E Ring tend to accumulate on moons that orbit within it. So you had teams of people working the internals of these tanks. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. First Name. The spokes were not observed again until some twenty-five years later, this time by the Cassini space probe. We now have an official date for the end of the Rosetta mission: But as our spacecraft edge closer than ever to the rings, we're getting a more complete picture of what they're made of and how they came to exist.

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When I started working on Saturn, I was History of Flight. Filling the ballast tanks with liquid hydrogen? This disk can be loosely described as another ring. Cassini Imaging Central Laboratory for Operations web site. Before they tested a flight-ready stage in Mississippi, though, we sent a test vehicle, S1CT, to make sure the test stand was safe. The C Ring is a wide but faint ring located inward of the B Ring.

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Four robotic spacecraft have observed Saturn's rings from the vicinity of the planet. Here are instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. And he was making some very, very critical changes to the missile. The Apollo spacecraft that went on top of this stack were also introduced for the first time in the VAB.