Bose SoundLink Mini review

The C3 looks extremely stylish, sounds superb but is very petite, has a natty carry handle, and nine hours of battery life. However, I do wish Cambridge had 'cheated' and wired the pair together.

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Hi DiedreCox, Great question! Yes, my password is: With SoundTouch technology you can access your entire music library, internet radio, or online music provider.

The good-looking KEF Muo Bluetooth speaker delivers rich, powerful audio for its portable size, but it costs too Soundlink Micro Bluetooth Speaker. Befasst man sich aber ein wenig mit der kleinen KEF Muo, wird schnell deutlich, dass sie den aufgerufenen Gegenwert allemal wert ist.

Wireless Music Streaming: Sound quality and reproduction is good to excellent depending on what you're listening to, and I think the design is gorgeous and the construction beyond solid It can be good for low level listening where, despite DSP compensation, the bass is a little less prominent and you can feel the low notes resonating through the table which is a bit more visceral. No doubt some nonsense to do with, "You can't do that via Bluetooth, so you'd have to use a wire and then they wouldn't be wireless, you idiot.

Bose SoundLink Mini II review

But Bose has managed it admirably. Organic and not overly boosted, the bass performance is very good for a portable speaker and amazing for the size. Ricevi assistenza per il tuo diffusore SoundLink Micro Bluetooth.

It used to be that Denon had most of the market for such decent-sounding budget players quite sewn up, but these days there is more competition. Baldock Ratings: You can draw your own conclusions from that, but I feel that the inherent audio limitations of Bluetooth speakers actually tend to mask rather than emphasise imperfections in the source material.

Bose SoundLink Mini review What Hi-Fi?

And that includes their smallest go-anywhere Bluetooth speaker, the SoundLink Micro. Get wired, in-ear buds and earphones and you'll get improved sound quality and no need to ever recharge your headphones.

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