The results showed that the impact of work on well-being in the social, economic, and health spheres, and in relation to self-esteem, was determined by the nature of the work. L19, [w]: The limitations concern a cross-sectional study and a convenient sample from different units and MNCs. Allione wspomina tylko: It may redress the imbalance in prior research and satisfy the need for positive cross-cultural scholarship.

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After the control for job tenure, job position and gender, it was vitality not learning that was related to their overall satisfaction. Ustawa o zawodzie psychologa. Wydawnictwo Uraeus. Does the Tourist Care?

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Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data. War- szawa: Bilikiewicz, S. Energetic aspect is common for both work fatigue and emotional exhaustion. Wipszycka , s. Korf, D.

Henry Holt and Company. Wydaw- nictwo Uniwersytet Warszawski. Princeton University Press. In conclusion, the differences between police officers and firefighters in fatigue and burnout may be explained by different demands and working time arrangements. The Fatigue Scale was applied to measure fatigue at work, and The Oldenburg Burnout Inventory was used to measure exhaustion and disengagement. Adam Anczyk.

Spektrum ekstazy. Kamus Narkoba. The Journal of Individual Psychology, 58 4 , — In this experimental usability study fifteen video-recorded users performed specific tasks in financial, travel and health online service websites. W Instytucie Zdrowia Seksualnego prof. Cross-Cultural Psychology: High correlations above 0.

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The perception of differences in mean scale scores of job demands had a moderate effect on the FWC and WFC, while differences in mean scale scores of vigour had a strong effect on the WFC.

Unger, J. The results of the study are discussed with regard to the transactional stress theory and Positive Psychological Capital. Sikorski — Roczniki Kolegium Analiz Ekonomicznych — Backpacker Icons. Suenens, L. Participation in traumatic events and sense of coherence both directly and indirectly, by stress, affected the health among firemen.